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  “?!?” , the opening tune on this unique release fromThe Sketties, starts off with a soft static easing into acoustic guitar and is the perfect opening track to let you know what’s in store for you on the rest of the release. The music on “Open Road” has a Mr. Bungle attitude to it. I found myself waiting for a Mike Patton vocal spasm to kick in as I listen to the song. This attitude bled through onto the next song “So Safe”, which made me happy. The Sketties get a nice guitar groove going on the tune “Be Gone”. The rest of the songs on this release, while unique are not as catchy. This CD is not for everyone, but if you like your music with a bit of flair, then this might just be right up your alley.

-- Mite Mutant (2009) 

In late 2007 the Sketties released their first EP, called “The Desisive Sufficeit.” “The Decisive Sufficeit was our first attempt at proper recording as a band. It was recorded in the smoke-filled basement (aka the brig) of Jesse’s townhouse in the middle of Lancaster. The neighbors endured so much with very little complaint. “The Decisive Sufficeit” was reviewed and featured in the Fly Magazine- a music and entertainment publication in the Lancaster and Harrisburg region- as “A curious little collection that shows the band’s penchant for catchiness...lurking beneath an ocean of eeriness.” -Jeff Royer, The Fly Magazin

“Upstream” is a clever composition of sounds and has given a new meaning to counterpoint. While managing to complete a melodic and catchy progression, they seem to amaze us with the use of their instruments. We are
happy to have such original music on our station.” Erik Wilhelm Sturm – Founder/Director Bohemio Radio 

“The Sketties music is like taking two pieces of jellied toast and smashing them into each other to have a gooey mess of rock and roll goodness to get your grandma shakin in her pajamas.” Jonny at Zradio

“The Sketties honestly don’t sound like any one band I can think of. There are certainly elements of other bands that you can put your finger on – the fierce innovation of The Mars Volta, the druggy drive of Queens of the Stone Age, the roots-driven peyote-drenched free-for-all of freak-folker Devendra Banhart – but otherwise, their roots are as untraceable as iocane powder. The wonder of it all is that the entire musical carnival takes place inside a pop-song big top, resulting in something akin to the Talking Heads and Oingo Boingo swimming laps together in a pool of acid.” - Jeff Royer - The Fly Magazine

To call The Sketties’ first full-length CD, Up?!? Yes!! a three-ring circus would not be too far off the mark. Named after toddler slang for a pasta dish, the Lancaster-based quintet introduces a theatric, alternative rock-geared sound that often suggests a circus or carnival atmosphere over the disc’s ten tracks. Guitarists/singers Jonnie Wechter and Ben Honey-Hartranft, keyboardist/singer Alissa Amer, drummer Jesse Ryan Porter and bassist Mo Morris blend elements of trippy Donovan/Lovin’ Spoonful ‘60s-styled psychedelia with quirky yet catchy melodies and dramatic, angular arrangements; resulting in an unpredictable cabaret that never stays in one place for long. The group’s lyrics are observational yet whimsical, loosely dealing with themes of insecurity, paranoia, emotional mysteries and more. The Sketties set the tone for their eclectic voyage with the punchy and trippy “Junior”; and vary the mood with the melancholy-flavored “Open Road” and “Get Out”; the acoustic and dreamy “Suspenders;” and darker-toned numbers like “Drakulya’s Curse,” “When the Lights Go Out” and “Dead End Road.” The group offers a faster, surf-like sound on “So Safe,” and a jumpy B-52’s-like vibe on “Be Gone.” Engineered and mixed by Dan Ricca, Up?!? Yes!! is constantly busy, with ever-changing arrangements, shifting instrumental tones, layers of vocals and choruses, erratic mood swings and more. Yet in spite of its vast eccentricities, most all of this flows together smoothly, and the group’s song hooks connect. The Sketties throw out the rulebook on Up?!? Yes!!, and their musical experimentation yields a refreshing, invigorating listen. 

 — Reviewed by Jim Price

Band Name of the Week: The Sketties...a curious little psych-rock outfit out of Lancaster,Pa. Sonically, these cats are all over the place. They mine elements of dark, druggy 1960s psychedelia but have a keen ear toward modern rock — and maybe even a nod or two (ironic?) toward nu metal. Really. Should be an interesting evening at Manhattan Pizza & Pub. 

- Seven Days - Vermont's Independent Voice