You are being watched. 'Wigwam Mansion' is a five-track EP, which is The Sketties' second official release following the band's debut full length album 'Up?!? Yes!!!' (2009). It was inspired by optimistic and cheerful laments of the pessimistic conclusion that truth is an illusion. Dogs are cats, cats are frogs, honesty is a lie. This collection of songs is another example of The Sketties diving deeply into and exposing negative experiences in the first few tracks, then, in a courageous display of resilience, the attitude undergoes an adjustment, which leaves the listener with a sense of hopeful resurgence in the second half of the EP--symbolizing the contradictions of human nature. As unsavory as life can be sometimes, The Sketties believe it is nothing a little imaginative creativity can't fix. Unlike previous recordings by The Sketties, 'Wigwam Mansion' was a snapshot in time--recorded in span of ten days in May, 2010 at Seventh Wave Studios in Harrisburg, PA. Bon a petit with red sauce.